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What the boys behind Selo Oils learned about engagement rings recently | Selo Olive Oil Blog

What the boys behind Selo Oils learned about engagement rings recently | Selo Olive Oil Blog
Engagement rings are seen as one of the “final hurdles” into becoming a man.

And this is the time of the year, from the holidays into Valentine’s Day, that men are constantly bombarded by advertisements from jewelry companies while watching a bit of good ‘ol American football.

Here’s the thing:

The engagement ring market is a fascinating one to study from a sales perspective. Because you have the driving force of rings (women), and then the pressure is put on the men to deliver said ring. Even more fascinating is that the market is completely fabricated over the course of the last half-century or so. And, to top it off, diamonds are not actually rare and valuable.

All of these things are symbolic of something.

(No, not war…)


And engagement ring is very much the symbol of an upcoming union, which turns into a marriage, and more often than not also results in a family down the road. But to us, it makes very little sense to start a union right after a war. And that’s exactly what the engagement ring market is. A war to make women believe the ring is an essential piece of life, and then a war to get the man to spend as much as he can without mortgaging the new couple’s entire future.

But, here at Selo Oils, we think there’s something that brings families—and really, all people—together, much more effectively than any engagement ring ever could.

What is that, you’d ask?

Good, homemade food.

Food made with love.

Real food, not full of the stuff that’s shoved down your throat at the supermarkets.

Many of the things you find in the supermarket are manufactured in a laboratory. They are not real.

Kinda like engagement ring prices, which are completely manufactured because one company has a monopoly on the market.

Anyways, if you’re looking to start eating healthy coming into the new years, give Selo Oils a ring (pun intended).

Our olive oil is expensive, but it’s certainly not marked up at the level that engagement rings are.

Place your order of Selo Olive Oil today to have a bottle of the finest Croatian extra virgin olive oil sent straight to your door so that you can enjoy what you’ve been missing: ultra premium olive oil from the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.