Selo Olive Oil


Elevate your corporate gifting game with our premium quality olive oil. Impress your clients and employees with a thoughtful and delicious gift, crafted from hand-picked, ripe olives. Our pure and authentic olive oil is perfect for any occasion, adding a rich and flavorful touch to cooking, dipping, and dressings.

Personalize your gifts with our gift concierge service and make a lasting impression. Our gift concierge service is designed to make gifting effortless, uploading your order on your behalf and even including a personalized note with each gift. Plus, pre-ordering is available to ensure that your gifts are ready when you need them.

To place an order or ask any questions, simply contact our gifting concierge at

Hear from customers about what changed for the better since they switched to Selo—our family's authentic Croatian extra virgin olive oil:

Based on 331 reviews
Always the best

This is the best olive oil I’ve ever tasted

Sunshine in a bottle!

This liquid sunshine is poured over my omelets in the morning, my smoked salmon at lunch, and my tenderloin steak at dinner. Actually, it’s poured on every meal! I love it on toast, I love it on pancakes and I love it in recipes!
I bought my family three bottles And will order more when the time comes. We love the taste! I recommend this olive oil to everyone!

Authentic Croatian Olive Oil

Authentic Croatian Olive Oil

5 stars

Amazing tasting olive oil and exceptional customer service

Authentic Croatian Olive Oil
Alexandra Alberti
Tastes great

Love this olive oil. I was looking for high quality olive oil since most olive oils are cut with seed oils. This one is great

Love the oil

Great EVOO

Delicious full bodied olive oil. I slurp down a tablespoonful at a time. Don’t like to waste the excellent taste and wonderful kick on my tongue with anything else.

Best Olive Oil

I just placed another order for three more bottles. This is the best tasting olive oil I have used. It enhances the flavor of everything that I use it on. I’m not sure what it is that they sell in the stores, but it doesn’t compare to the quality and taste of Selo olive oil. I will continue to buy this olive oil as long as they continue to sell it. I recommend this olive oil to family and friends. When my family tried food I cooked with the olive oil they always compliment on how good it tastes. It is by far the best I have used. After discovering this, I can’t go back to store brand olive oil.

Authentic Croatian Olive Oil
Stephanie Scarlata

We fell in love with Croatian olive oil after a vacation in Dalmatia. There's just nothing like it on fresh fish or even dipping with bread. Buying this olive oil is worth it because I feel like I'm buying from a family that cares about truly enjoying food- they even send recipes to try.

super high quality

Fantastic service, quality product. I have reordered many times. Excellent health supplement. Highly recommend!

Love this olive oil

Can’t wait to visit Zadar this summer!

Authentic Croatian Olive Oil
John Sormeley Sormeley
Best evoo ever

A truly excellent oil from Croatia,wonderful taste and the price is good too.

A must have

Best Olive Oil I've ever had!

I hope you someday decide to do bigger bottles.
Good stuff bro.

Premium Olive Oil

I have consumed many olive oils from all over the world. Sell is a premium olive oil.


This is great olive oil. I ordered 3 bottles and almost through the first one.

Good Quality

I’ve been buying this oil for several years. Always good quality, I will never switch back to the stuff at the supermarkets.

Best Olive Oil

I was surprised how great the taste was compared to Spanish olive oils. Been using it for the past two years

Spout Pourer
Tomislav Luketic
Product Never Came

I haven’t received my order from beginning of November and the expected delivery date gets pushed put and extended everyday by a few days. Not sure if I will ever get the product.


I'm sorry to hear that you haven't received your order. I would be happy to help track down where it is and get it to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Packing materials

Your Croatian olive oil is definitely a five ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️! But, my most recent delivery was broken and the post office couldn’t deliver because it had leaked through the box onto other mail. This is a liquid in a glass bottle and should be packaged as if it will be thrown around, dropped and stacked on. To date, the only packing material protecting the glass has been rolled brown paper. I realize this is an eco friendly way to send merchandise, but more care is needed to protect the glass bottle. Please use more paper, maybe double boxed or even a different size/shape of box. I will continue my subscription ( your oil is delicious) but if my delivery is damaged again I will have to cancel.
Thank you for understanding.

Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry to hear that your recent delivery was damaged and we'll take note of your suggestions for improving packaging.

Spout Pourer
Rachel Fornataro
Works perfectly

Smooth flowing and just nice to look at.

Spout Pourer
John Sormeley Sormeley
Great drip free spout pourer

I love the way it pours never any drips,high quality for sure,money well spent.

Croatian Olive Oil is the BEST!

My new go to for olive oil. Not only from my beautiful Croatia, but some of the best olive oil in the world! Highly recommend. Hvala Selo and Martin!

The best

The quality is the best. The supper team is the best. A great company with great people from a great family from a great country! I will aleyas support!