Selo Olive Oil

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Health Benefits


Fats used to get a bad rap, but now we know that they’re anything but
bad. In fact, the healthy fats in Selo are good for the brain, heart,
skin and metabolism.  


Just 100g of olive oil contains 14mg of vitamin E and 62mcg of vitamin K
which means about 7 tbsp. of olive oil provides 93 percent of the daily
recommended allowance, or RDA, of vitamin E and 59 percent of the RDA for vitamin K.

Omega 3s

Olive oil—with its naturally occurring Omega 3 fatty acids—boost
Selo's power and performance factor, while adding some delicious

Hear from customers about what changed for the better since they switched to Selo—our family's authentic Croatian extra virgin olive oil:

Based on 244 reviews
It’s the Real Deal

I am very much enjoying my Croatian olive oil! I’m so happy to be able to get true olive oil … the taste is obvious.

Daily Shot of Olive Oil

We take a daily shot of Olive Oil, the health benefits have been a subtle and noticeable improvement over the past 4 years. Within a week I noticed better digestion, within 6 weeks I noticed a my skin would hold moisture better and now my skin tans more and burns less. Any scrapes or cuts heal noticeably faster. I am curious what other benefits are not as noticeable, and what issues have been prevented through this routine! For me and my family, having noticed the benefits, I highly recommend to anyone that will listen to try a daily shot of Olive Oil for 3 months and see if they experience the same health benefits I have!

very good


Great product


The best olive oil I've had in the last 15 yrs and that was from a private batch from the island of Prvic. I will be ordering more as Xmas gifts.

Best olive oil

The founder is a bit crazy but we love him anyways!


Delicious, smooth, peppery finish. A+

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)
Marion Vujevich


Love this Olive Oil

Seriously ... I bought a case of 12 (some for me, the rest as gifts for friends and family). This is a great Christmas gift .. high end olive oil is a nice change from gifting wine for example.

Even great as a gift!

2 friends did a great and helpful thing for me so I gave them olive oil as appreciation and they loved that and later told me it was such high quality.

Selo Olive Oil: Triple (3 x 500mL)

Tastes like home!

I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered Selo Olive Oil, but I said - well, I'll give it a try. I didn't regret it! This pepperish taste tickles you in the throat as the REAL olive oil should! And I love it!

Selo Olive Oil is excellent.

I recently purchased Selo Olive Oil based on a recommendation by someone I follow on Twitter (@coookwithchris). It is every bit as good as he said. My family loves it.


Amazing quality and it shipped very quickly...I will be purchasing again

Selo Olive Oil Review

This is the second order we have placed with Selo. We are very happy with the quality and flavor.

Great value

Excellent product, fast shipping, well packaged




Great service, great product! This is my favorite olive oil to use!

Love this!

So glad I finally ordered some! We add this to bread, pasta and custom salad dressings. Nice peppery finish.

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)
William Houstian

Exactly what I've been looking for. High quality, clean olive oil. Will definitely buy again!

Oh my god!!!!!!

First time ordering and you can taste the difference. This oil is so good, will be ordering more

This stuff rocks

It's not your grocery store olive oil, it's medicine. The taste and texture are the best, period.

Selo Olive Oil

Fresh flavor!

Tastes great & helps soak up sad feelings

If one has to be stuck in Canada for awhile, it helps to have the absolute best Croatian olive oil to enjoy.
Thank you Selo.