Selo Olive Oil

Selo Olive Oil: Triple (3 x 500mL)

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Selo Olive Oil: Triple (3 x 500mL)

Volume: 500mL

A very fine extra virgin olive oil from the Dalmatian coast, with fresh aroma and taste, rich in texture and healthy antioxidants. Produced by the Erlić family, who for three generations have been carefully tending the millennia-old ‘Oblica’ variety olive trees in the family grove.

Our extra virgin olive oil is harvested and first cold-pressed in Croatia at very low temperatures using the gentlest methods. This painstaking care rewards us with a superb natural olive olive with unusually high polyphenols content, which are responsible for its health benefits.


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Customer Reviews

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Eli Barkman
Highly recommended!

This is my first actual real olive oil I've had and it has not disappointed. This is not the fake stuff you find at the store.

Rowan Smith
Great product. Pure Olive Oil. Highly Recommended.

I came across Selo Olive Oil online and my first thought was “Croatia makes olive oil?” As I did more research it became clear they take it VERY seriously and purity matters. I did my first order 18 months ago and have bought it multiple times now and it’s a staple in my home both because I enjoy the taste but I am a freak for purity. Great product with a slight peppery taste.

Alex Christian



Your product is superb. Thank you.
Unfortunately 1 of the 3 bottles arrived leaking. Best, J. Goldman

Marcin Zukowski
Great Olive Oil

This is my go to olive oil in all my cooking.

Ken Solis
The Best Oil

I cannot recommend Selo Olive Oil enough. It is a superior product from a respectable company. I won't get my oil from anywhere else.


Hail yea

Christopher Boscarino
Simply the best

Time and time again Martin and his family deliver the best olive oil I have ever had. I’ve tried stuff from France, Spain, Italy, and nothing compares to this. This is the 5th time I’ve gotten olive oil from Selo and it exceeds me expectations each time. I follow Martin’s instructions and drink a nice shot of it each day because it is really that good. Do yourself a favor and buy this olive oil you will not regret it!

Jason Stephens


Travis in Texas
Take Daily - Happy user

I have been taking this regularly (sometimes I skip a few days here and there) and it has become one of my staple daily supplements. I believe daily use has helped with some dehydration issues I had previously, to the point I feel more comfortable being in the sun. Prior to regular use I would only burn, never tan. After a year of use, I am able to hold color. I also have seen improvements with digestion, and it may help curb sugar cravings.
Overall I recommend daily use as a supplement.