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Olive Oil For Baby: 3 Unexpected New Mom Hacks

Olive Oil For Baby: 3 Unexpected New Mom Hacks

Using olive oil for baby hacks is nothing new. Moms across the globe have been harnessing the power of this liquid gold oil for centuries. Almost all traditional medicine from around the Mediterranean uses olive oil for infants! Here is how your child can also benefit from olive oil’s goodness.

Safety First

When it comes to our babies, all mothers worry. The younger the child, the less developed their immunity is and the more susceptible they are to harmful factors. This is why you always want to go the extra mile when it comes to safety. So let’s answer the question once and for all: Olive oil for baby: Is It Safe? The answer here is: it depends. I am not a medical doctor and I don’t know your child. In the general case, yes, olive oil is completely safe to use on a baby’s skin. As for nutrition, most paediatricians advise parents to start incorporating it after month 6. Breast milk is the best food for a growing baby. Even when you start feeding your child purées, it’s best to keep breastfeeding them and gradually wean them off. Depending on your baby’s particular conditions, olive oil may or may not be safe for them. For instance, olive oil seals the moisture in the skin. Some skin conditions might turn that from a positive to a definite negative. The rule of thumb, when it comes to young children is always: If in doubt, ask your doctor. Your paediatrician is there to help. He or she knows you, your baby, and all the relevant medical history. They are the single most qualified person to give advice. When it comes to olive oil for baby, in an otherwise healthy child, this oil can have some truly miraculous effects. Read on to find our top mom hacks using olive oil!

Olive Oil For Baby Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is a common problem experienced by nearly every mom and baby at some point. Why does it happen?  A baby’s skin is still very thin and sensitive. Urine or stool in the diaper can irritate the skin and cause a rash to appear. While in most cases diaper rash is benign and it will not cause any long-term problems, it’s still extremely uncomfortable for the kid. Babies become fussy and that’s no good news for the mom. The best way to use olive oil for diaper rash is for prevention. There are some great creams out there for when a rash has already appeared. Some of them feature olive oil or olive oil extracts as one of their ingredients. Ask your doctor for a recommendation. But prevention is always better than treatment. One of the best tips I have received was mixing olive oil and water in a 2:1 ratio and then applying it on the kid’s genitals and buttocks every time I change a diaper. I usually like to spray it on the palms of my hands first and warming it up a bit. Carrying the emulsion in a spray bottle, however, is a great idea for when you are on the go. Just make sure to use a new bottle and clean it out thoroughly before preparing the concoction. You can add a few drops of tea tree oil, which is known to treat and prevent skin irritations, especially rashes. Make a small batch first, in case the baby is sensitive to the essential oil itself (or really dislikes the smell of it).

Baby Massage: The Ultimate Bonding Time

Physical touch is extremely important to a child’s early development. Babies that grow up with attentive and caring moms turn into smarter and more emotionally intelligent adults. There is research to back all of this up. One of the easiest ways to bond with your child is baby massage. It is beneficial to both you and the baby. Gentle, caring touch boosts your oxytocin levels. This is the very chemical that creates the feeling of wellbeing when you are around a loved one – the ultimate bonding chemical! Choosing the oil for baby massage is extremely important. Not all oils were created the same. A baby’s skin is much more susceptible to irritants. What is more, because their immunity is not completely developed, babies absorb much more of the chemicals that are put on their skin. This is why knowing what you put on a child’s skin is just as important as what you feed them. The skin is the largest organ and you should be extra careful to not introduce harmful chemicals!

What Olive Oil To Use

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the cleanest things you can put on a baby’s skin. By definition, it has been processed without the use of any heat or chemicals. They only use the best, highest quality of olives and the entire process is closely monitored to not allow any foreign substances in. Because the olives for extra virgin olive oil are the best, there is no need to use any additional chemicals! The colourants, aromas, and preservatives are simply not necessary. What is more, independent organizations monitor the producers closely. They make sure that all the standards are followed through – otherwise, the oil can’t legally get the name ‘extra virgin olive oil’!

Natural Oil Rub: Keeping The Flu At Bay

Babies are very sensitive. You already know that and I have repeated it a couple of times in this article. Come flu season, and your child is at a higher risk of contracting an infection than you are. This is why your doctor is likely to recommend a flu shot. Even with the shot, however, sometimes a virus slips through. When your kid is sick, you always, always want to consult with a paediatrician. Along with the prescribed therapy, it’s advisable that you start using some home remedies. Unlike pharmaceuticals, oil rubs have little to no side effects and they are safe to use for most babies. Of course, this does not mean you shouldn’t give your child the medications they were prescribed. Home remedies should compliment a therapy, not replace it. And, once again, please tell your doctor that you’re using them.

How To Prepare The Oil Rub

Now that we have this clear, here is how to use olive oil for baby immunity boosting and symptom alleviation. Your base oil will be olive oil. Start with a cup of pure extra virgin olive oil. Use eucalyptus oil for coughs and stuffy nose. It is gentle and very effective for congestion. Drop two to five drops in the cup. I like to start with just two, especially if I will be adding other essential oils. Add two drops of lavender oil. This is one of the most common and safest oils used in aromatherapy and for good reason. It has a calming and sedative effect. Lavender oil helps soothe a fussy baby and give them the quality sleep that they need to recover from the flu. I also like to use a few drops of tea tree oil. Because of its antimicrobial properties, tea tree oil is like a safer and 100% natural antibiotic!

Using The Oil Rub

It’s best to the olive oil for baby oil rub before bedtime. The essential oils and the massage will help your kid drift off easier and sleep for longer. Not only is this great to help them fight the virus, but it is also important for moms. If you don’t get enough sleep because the baby is fussy, you are at risk of developing an infection as well! The best way to use an olive oil for baby oil rub is to warm around 20 drops in your palm and then gently massage them into the chest and back area. Chest oil rubs are especially beneficial for a cough. The American Academy of Pediatrics actually advises doctors to prescribe home remedies like these instead of over-the-counter remedies for a cough in babies! The olive oil rub not only moisturizes and calms your baby, but it also helps clear the airways of any mucus buildup. Eucalyptus oil works perfectly to compliment the benefits of olive oil and provide your child with a sense of comfort and well-being.

Olive Oil For Baby: In Conclusion

Olive oil has tons of benefits and even the youngest can benefit from it. As a young mom, you may feel overwhelmed by the contradicting opinions of health specialists, alternative medicine advocates, and fellow parents. When it comes to olive oil, however, everybody seems to agree: It is safe and beneficial for babies. It can make a new mom’s life much easier and provide comfort and soothing of unpleasant symptoms for the baby. As with any other substance, it’s best to first consult your paediatrician before using it. Maybe they can recommend some additional home remedies featuring olive oil for you to try. Do you have any more uses of olive oil for baby? Share them in the comments below!

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