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Rosemary Fond Gravy | Selo Olive Oil Recipes

A rich and velvety Rosemary Fond Gravy infused with Croatian olive oil, perfect for enhancing a variety of dishes with its aromatic flavors.
Give your classic gravy recipe a Mediterranean twist with our delicious rosemary fond gravy! This easy and flavorful gravy is perfect for elevating your next meal, whether you're serving it over roast chicken, mashed potatoes, or any other favorite dish. And the best part? The fond (or flavorful bits and pieces) in this gravy come from the leftovers of a previous meal in the pan, giving it a depth of flavor that's hard to beat. With just a few simple ingredients and a few minutes of cooking time, you'll have a mouthwatering gravy that's sure to impress. And with the addition of fresh rosemary, this gravy takes on a deliciously herbaceous flavor that's sure to become a new go-to in your recipe rotation.

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